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More importantly, by “democratizing” the credit market the microfinance movement has not only curtailed the power of money lenders, but also constrained MFIs’ own behaviour tinymodel princess 25 avi. In other words, the rapid expansion of microfinance has empowered not just women, but all small borrowers. Even if they do not participate effectively in MFIs’ decision making or management (as found by Jain and Moore), the ability of the MFIs to foreclose on any tangible property of loan defaulters seems to have shrunk significantly tinymodel princess 25 avi. tinymodel princess 25 avi – Unfortunately, however, most MFIs have been found lacking when it comes to lending to the very poor. tinymodel princess 25 avi – If MFIs extend lending to the very poor in these circumstances then they can help break the power and hold of such creditors who operate in the inter-locking credit and factor markets. tinymodel princess 25 avi – Although high, the interest rates charged by the MFIs are lower than the rates charged by informal creditors (money lenders/employers/landlords). tinymodel princess 25 avi – Thus, microfinance is having a modernizing impact, even if inadvertent, unacknowledged and unsung. Nonetheless, it seems that microfinance has significantly dented the informal credit markets by undermining debt-bondage and usury in some agrarian societies. tinymodel princess 25 avi – ┬áBut in a situation of generalized poverty or economy-wide crisis, the poor will have to go to money lenders or to the employer/landlord for whom she or he works.
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